Turkey Chase ... and Scary Shadows

Turkey Chase ... and Scary Shadows

For this acrostic prompt, I decided to experiment with two very different approaches. Leave a comment, won’t you, and let me know which one you like the best?

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Easy Street Prompts (“careful aim” and "watching over you")

Chasing the Turkey for Thanksgiving
Artist Unknown

Stalker –
An Acrostic Hop on the Chance to Chop

Spinning in circles ‘round the yard, as
Time runs out for the flurrying fowl.
Axe held aloft, the burly one swings,
Letting the heavy head fall upon nothing.
Kitchen ready, awaiting the entrĂ©e –
Everyone turns to see the quarry, now
Running headless and headlong.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Stalker (part deux)

Suspicious shadows stop,
Totally obscured by trees.
Almost not breathing, she tiptoes,
Losing her footing and stumbling, but
Keeping to the paved path.
Every twig echoes of peril,
Racing her home.

Shadowy Stalker
Artist Unknown

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  1. i have seen both...the first was morbibly intriguing as a child...the second scary. hope you had a great thanskgiving!

  2. Now I like both of these, but the second one got my full attention!