The Woes of Just-So's

Attention, shoppers! Sometimes simply settling can be unsettling indeed.

The Woes of Just-So’s

Why do we settle for things that are cheap –
For mystery burgers and panties that creep,
For cars that don’t last and for colors that weep?
We purchase the worst, buying junk that won’t keep.

The trouble has nothing to do with the tag.
The price, ever dear, give us no room to brag.
 To pay, we must all be halfway in the bag,
As quality flees, making shopping a drag.

The whiz-bang computer has gone on the fritz.
A hot, spiffy gadget is giving us fits.
But let’s hit those sales with a fresh buyers’ blitz.
C’mon now, perhaps we have all lost our wits.

We’ll pull out our plastic and frown at the bill.
We may hem and haw, as we fill up the till,
But come back next week to revisit the thrill
Of purchasing junk to send on to Goodwill.

Our new shoes, though stylish, sport skimpier soles.
The latest in blue jeans boast pre-shredded holes.
And yet, savvy marketers hold the controls.
How can we not notice for whom the bell tolls?

c2012 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Shoppers by CoolCaesar
Creative Commons Licensing
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  1. Ha ha! I've often wondered what I could get for Pete's old oilfield jeans on Ebay. - Barbara
    Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  2. LOL! Funny poem ... and all too true. :)