A is for Absent - Rhymed Acrostics A to Z

A is for Absent - Rhymed Acrostics A to Z

'Allo there, April!

Participating in both NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) and the A to Z Blogging Challenge, Nickers and Ink will feature a month-long 26-entry series of rhymed acrostics this April.

Acrostic poetry need not rhyme. In fact, it most often does not. But I like a challenge, so here we go.

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Anyone may step away
Breaking bonds that once held sway,
Slipping from the inner ring,
Exiting with broken wing.
Nodding heads and shaking fists:
Tell me, will I yet be missed?
c2013 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Would you like to know how to create an acrostic poem? 

This entry was created as one of a 26-poem series for the April A to Z Blogging Challenge and NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month).You are invited to peruse the entire list! Better yet, sign up to follow or subscribe (free), so you’ll receive notices of new posts.
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  1. Well done! I enjoy acrostics, and occasionally torture myself by trying to write acrostic limericks. :)

  2. I love that poem! Makes one wonder, truly.. I try my own hand at writing, but... I'm not really successful. Unless I do free verse but its still bad haha.

    Found you through the A-Z List,
    Victoria from Always a Booklover

  3. Great idea for combining the two challenges. I love the poem and look forward to more!

    Jenny at Choice City Native

  4. Love it! I think acrostics are so much fun. I do them quite often to get the creative juices flowing:))

  5. Great poem!!


  6. I suck at poetry of any kind,
    and so with that in mind,
    I'll hang about,
    See what comes out,
    As from A-Z you wind *wink*

  7. Interesting idea - look forward to more of your poems!

  8. Excellent way to combine both challenges this month!! You did this poem very well!!

    Happy Blogging :) Jenn

  9. I'm not a poet myself, so I've definitely learned something today - thanks. And thanks for swinging by MROP. Enjoy the Challenge.

  10. I love poems and yours was delightful. My D post is an acrostic poem!

  11. Great poem. I always admired folks who can write poetry well.

  12. Visiting from the A-Z challenge. Awesome poem

  13. Your blog looks like something I may enjoy. I hope to follow you more thru the A-Z challenge!

  14. Love this! I haven't written an acrostic poem in a while. I'll be sure to include at least one in the a to z challenge. Nice pic' too!

  15. That's amazing! I've never tried my hands at writing an acrostic poem before.

    My Writing Blog
    My Life Blog

  16. Visiting you from the A-to-Z Challenge. ~Susan at Haiku Corner