Pickin’ Up Pounds

Perhaps pudding’s proof is found in the poof.

A new baker’s dozen,
The doughnut does fill.
Temptation is buzzin’,
Eclipsing the will.

Pie in the sky
On your thigh,
In your eye –
Heavy sigh.

Mere calories nameless
May do one no harm.
Meandering mindless,
Resolve they disarm.

Physicians can’t sidestep:
The pot, still it grows.
They test everything ‘cept
Pinocchio’s nose.

Pie in the sky
On your thigh,
In your eye –
Heavy sigh.

But no pie that’s humble,
No penitent tart –
The oafish crust’s mumble
Will gain no fresh start.

‘Tis those who keep measures,
Not willing to flake,
Who fear not such pleasures
And thus take the cake.
c2017 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Adapted by this user from vintage artwork.

This poem was posted in response to these prompts:
April A to Z Blog Challenge
National Poetry Writing Month / NaPoWriMo
Meme Express: “baker’s dozen”
One-Liner Wednesday: See subtitle.
Three Word Wednesday: “meander,” “nameless,” and “oafish”

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  1. that's so true I love how you put it.

  2. Beautiful poem. It realy puts eating, diet, and nutrition into an interesting light.

    J -- Co-host the #AtoZchallenge, Debut Author Interviewer, Reference and Speculative Fiction Writer