Path of Beast Resistance


Path of Beast Resistance --A Limericked Shun on Taking a Run


My friend and I, we log our miles,

Treading trails with smirks or smiles.

We run or walk

And often talk,

But sometimes we face terror trials.


The kinder people lend us space;

They grin and move along apace.

Yes, some will nod,

As on they plod,

But others echo dark disgrace.


For this, we seldom run alone.

Although our fears be overblown.

It just takes one

To come undone,

When faced with fiendish goon or crone.


Who knows what lurks within the wood,

For evil or perhaps for good.

Each step we take,

For Heaven’s sake,

We might be safer in the ‘hood.

c2021 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Image: Still from Sealskins, 1932

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