Airy August Acrostics

Airy August Acrostics

Photos copyrighted by Nickers and Ink.


Placed in position, Always at attention. Warriors will wonder not –

Named by those they trust.


Ants in Your Pants

Arrhythmic staccato,

Numbly prancing,

Timeless dancing.

Sinews spring to action.


Never know order.

Yelling and yammering,

Outbursts unceasing -

Undercurrents of impatience,

Rumbling repeatedly.

Put that down.

Afterwards – not now.

No. No. No.

Time to sit still.

Stop it!



Returning to origins,

Everything takes turns.

Into the Creator’s hands,

No one may deny.

Can we see the future

And what form it will take?

Rebirth and renewal

Name our deepest hope.

Almighty! We cry out to You.

Take our tired limbs

Into Your tireless ones.

Only You hold power of life and death.

Never let us go.

Angels and Demons

Absolute opposites 

Never negate 

Genetic ties. 

Eternity calls. 

Look and learn. 

See the similarities. 


Animosities endure, 

Never knowing 

Dominion is done. 


Dare they defy 

Everlasting order, 

Mounting their mettle 

Over the heavenlies? 

Now and forever, 

Sovereignty is unchanged.


Love Me Tender

Let’s linger awhile;

Only we two.

Velocities can wait;

Everything fades.


Maybe we can make a moment

Extend beyond experience.


Touch me with words,

Embracing our ears and hearts -

No need for nonsense.

Don’t you hear it?

Each hearts listens

Ready for a rapt report.


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  1. Very nice photos! Love the castly-thingy! Colors are great!

  2. I came over from Scenic Sunday. What lovely poetry! The photos are perfect!