Bugging Out

Bugging Out

Cricket Surprise

We store stinky sneakers outside,

To open-air breathing provide.

Perhaps a surprise

May open our eyes –

This hygiene may best be denied.

This morning, while driving to school,

Our neighborly gossip did fuel –

As out of one shoe

A black cricket flew,

I slammed on the brakes like a fool.

My teen had been lacing one sneak,

Perfecting the latest technique.

But deep in the toe,

The bug did not show,

And she had not bothered to peek.

The crunchy-shelled critter discrete,

Hopped under the passenger seat.

We jumped on the grass,

As neighbors drove past,

While staring in wonder complete.

Averting catastrophe, yet,

A moment we’d sooner forget,

The bug reappeared,

As we might have feared,

And we nearly our pants did wet.

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