Backing Away

Backing Away

A Ghost in Daylight?

A-browsing at the shopping mall

Revealed surprise in bathroom stall –

When standing backwards on the right

A gentleman pursued his plight.

Alas, within the ladies’ room,

The man persisted to presume.

And exiting, without a doubt,

I waited till he zipped back out.

The lesson? Look before you go

Re-read the signs – you never know.

Posted for a variety of prompts:

Easy Street Prompts (“daylight ghosts”)

Friday Flash-55 (55 words)

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  1. Well Linda...
    You are a bit early, but since I'm first to comment all is forgiven!!
    Thanks for this Spooky 55 Young Lady, and have a Wonderful week-End!

  2. Niiiice. You penned a great image there. If that really happened, it's hysterical. My 55 is also up.

  3. Been there ~ done that! Love the words you used.

    My 55 is done and posted here.

    Have a great weekend.

    Chef Kar

  4. The referral to "zipped out"...just made me giggle. Great 55.

    My 55 is posted...Elvis LIVES! Come join me if you can. And as always, scroll down below my Show n Tell Friday.

    You'll find it HERE

  5. That would be a problem unless it was a ghost.
    Well done 55

    Mine is posted


  6. Very amusing. Sometimes it's not quite clear which is which.

    Find my Flash 55 for this week HERE.