Losing sleeple for the people

Sold too cheap, we’re losing sleep.

Making waves in the caves

A rising heat wave draws us down,
Accepting pathways underground.
The tiller, held by shady soul,
As shadows lengthen, guides to Sheol.

The hidden pilot looks to laugh,
For we have lost the narrow path.
Our leaky craft is sinking slow;
Still, we delight in undertow.

We sit and sigh, enjoy the ride.
Each freely mocks the other side.
We call it “liberty” hard-fought;
Authentic freedom we’ve forgot.

“It’s for the people,” we exclaim,
Although we have ourselves to blame.
Each face is red, betraying heart.
We’ve raised deceit to highest art.

So, chasing thrills, we’ve ceded sight.
The answer lives within the light.
c2016 by Linda Ann Nickerson

This poem was posted in response to these prompts:
Five-Minute Friday: “hidden”
Meme Express: “heat wave”
Shadow Shot Sunday: “lengthening shadows”
Simply Snickers: “for the people”
Six Word Saturday/Show My Face: “Describe your life in six words.”
Stream of Consciousness Saturday: “art”
Theme Thursday: “red”

Thanks for Sepia Saturday for the vintage/public domain image.

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  1. This was an interesting poem. There was a lot to fit in there.