Rose-colored glasses and a white gown

Sometimes a half-dozen words are enough. But maybe not always.

Rose-colored glasses and a white gown

A carefree wonder caught her cloak.
She buttoned up to go for broke
And donned her specs of rosy hue.
Perhaps they had been better blue.

Bedecked in lace, this woman-child
Cast dreams aside to deem them wild.
The woodpecker put spark to bark
To measure how she missed the mark.

She wasn’t worthy of her wings;
Alas, the creed of self-crowned kings.
How colored glasses do deceive
A heart embroidered on a sleeve.

I’d love to help this friend by chance
To give her value second glance.
Dare hope she’ll come to recognize
The view improves in honest eyes.
c2016 by Linda Ann Nickerson

This poem was posted in response to these prompts:

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Five-Minute Friday: “help”
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Simply Snickers: “woodpecker,” “wonder,” “wild,” “worthy,” and “wings”
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 Thanks to Sepia Saturday
for this vintage/public domain image.

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  1. Such powerful words. What an incredible gift it would be (to both giver and recipient) to help someone recognize her worth, when all she has known is a distorted image of herself. Visiting from FMF.

  2. Dare hope she’ll come to recognize
    The view improves in honest eyes.

    My favorite lines. Reminds me to live bold and fearless.

  3. Very nice. Sometimes we do need more words

  4. Beautiful! I read it over and over to let it seep in. Love the imagery and the wistfulness.

  5. Love it! Well done, Linda. :D Thanks for making this part of SoCS!