Time Machine - With Half a Mind to Just Rewind

“You may delay, but time will not.”
Benjamin Franklin
(1706 – 1790)

Dear Tech Department, intervene!
I’d like to buy a time machine.
The hour has come; turn back the clock;
Don’t tell me that you’re out of stock.

Crank up those dials, make ‘em spin,
And make my face turn young again.
Erase the wrinkles years have wrought,
Without a single afterthought.

Cause all my locks to shine anew,
In my original hair hue.
Reverse ill gravity’s effects,
And all my aging peers perplex.

Restore my balance, muscle tone,
But leave alone my funny bone.
I won’t mind, if it hurts a bit,
To gain the youthful benefit.

Then switch to neutral, make it stop,
And I’ll send others to your shop.
If you can make my life stand still,
My friends shall buy it too; they will!

(Upon request for Sunday Scribblings.)


  1. I like your blog.
    I just found it.

    Terry Finley

  2. That's a GREAT take on the prompt!

    I was reading a book review today about the explorer who went after the Fountain of Youth (Ponce de Leon? Sorry; it's been a VERY long, not great day). The novel was an imagined tale of ... well, it didn't appeal. But the idea of someone finding and using the Fountain of Youth -- THAT sometimes does.

  3. very funny--great rhymes too!