A Familiar Way – A Rhyme Opaque on Memory’s Wake

(Written upon request of Writer’s Island’s “Deja Vu” prompt.)

A Familiar Way –
A Rhyme Opaque on Memory's Wake

“Memory believes
Before knowing remembers.”
William Faulkner
(1897 – 1962)

There’s something strange behind that door;
I think I’ve passed through here before.
If memory serves, ‘twas long ago,
When time elapsed not fast, but slow.

The handle looks familiar here,
And I recall the atmosphere.
Does danger lurk behind this wall,
When I shall enter from the hall?

Will others welcome me within,
When I shall recollect again?
I cannot tell from here, so far,
But wait, the door is now ajar!

The threshold beckons, “Step inside!”
My curiosity is tried.
And so, with déjà vu, I see,
That I’ve been sleepwalking, home free.

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  1. Very well written. Sometimes we feel that way even in strange places.

    dancing comes full circle

  2. It reminds me of the times when I have felt as though I am sleepwalking through my life.

  3. Lovely work. I remember as a child riding past a house and asking my parents when we were there - they replied 'Never', but I knew I'd been there and can still conjure the interior of the house I'd never entered. Strange.