Style Revival – A Rhymed Passion for Lasting Fashion

(Written upon request of Poetry Train’s “metamorphosis” prompt.)

Style Revival –A Rhymed Passion for Lasting Fashion

It’s said that clothes can make the man,
But this I cannot understand.
If fashion sends the world a-spin,
Then I need to begin again.

My closet bulges at both ends,
Outdated styles, faded trends.
My clothing choices fit me not,
And my designers should be shot.

A finer wardrobe beckons me
That fits my person to a tee.
These gowns won’t wrinkle, spot or stain,
And ever stylish they’ll remain.

So, Lord, please robe me with Your grace,
With Your eternal change of pace.
A gown of scarlet, washed like fleece,
Your shining glory to increase.

I need a metamorphosis,
From what I think to how it is.
Remove the scales that hide my eyes,
So I can focus on the skies.

Then I will sing forevermore,
A new creation, to adore
Your highest mercies; hear my prayer,
And lift my eyes from things to wear.

For fashion’s fickle; styles fail.
Your loving-kindness will prevail.
And Heaven’s garment never frays,
Although we kneel to raise Your praise.

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