Testing and Protesting – A Few Lines Addressed to Aim for the Best

Most people are fearsome of failing,

Afraid of their weakness unveiling.

But a triumph is best

When it comes from a test,

And the struggler winds up prevailing.


For what treasure comes from a whim,

That gives up

when prospects look dim?

Hang onto your hope

To walk the tightrope,

And crawl way out there

on that limb.


Don’t worry when folks are judgmental,

Or even if they’re temperamental.

You follow the dance.

Leave nothing to chance.

Remember life’s experimental.


So don’t be alarmed by a trial

Or live out your days

in denial.

Just jump in the game

For your highest aim,

And hold out for something worthwhile.

 c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson


(Upon request for Sunday Scribblings.)


  1. This is so cool; humorous and not baudy like the usual limerick.
    Nicely done.

  2. Cool limericks hitched together to create a whole!

  3. what a fun read! excellent poem.

  4. Great way of linking limericks!

    Refluxing Life

  5. Sweetie,

    I read your Time Machine article. Very girly.

    I would like to tell you a story concerning time. I always remember it, especially when I think I have run out of love in my heart.
    May I tell it to you?