Zoned Out – Roars About Chores

(Written upon request of Mad Kane’s prompt on “yard” and “garden.”)

Zoned Out –
Roars About Chores -

Spring cleanup elicits a groan,
As Mother gives each a yard zone.
She passes out rakes,
‘Mid our belly-aches,
Then goes in to answer the phone.

Such chores are a yearly remake,
A dirty job, for pity’s sake!
A Saturday gone
To fix up the lawn,
With garden work; gimme a break!

But all of us do what we must;
We stir up the leaves and the dust
To fill up each bag,
Or parents will nag,
And social lives will be a bust.

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  1. Enjoyed your limerick. Chores can certainly put a damper on things and parents too. Have a nice night.

  2. That was fun! Thanks so much for joining me in my latest prompt!

  3. What fun these limericks are! Reading them is a joy, doing chores is not!

  4. i think the reason adults hate yard work is because it was forced upon us as children!!!LOL i know thats my excuse!!!!!