Destiny Rising – A Rhyming Sight on Taking Flight

(Written upon request of Writer’s Island’s “destiny” and “rising” prompts.)

Destiny Rising –
A Rhyming Sight on Taking Flight

The swing, it forms a graceful arc,
As giggles fill the air.
And wonderment, it fills the park,
With children everywhere.

My daughter squeals, “Push higher, Mum!”
And grips the ropes in glee.
And yet, I ponder what’s to come,
Lost in my reverie.

I grab the swing seat, give a shove,
And she again flies high.
Will she return, to hold my love,
Or grow to bid goodbye?

So back and forth, she gladly sways,
To me and off she swings.
Her independence grows with days,
As mother gives her wings.

For destiny says she must go
And reach up for the skies,
I cannot hold her back, although
I’ll miss our lullabyes.

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  1. Oh, yes and how quickly it flies! Lovely poem!

  2. what a lovely poem.. so insightful... yes she has to fly off on her own... but your lullabyes are yours forever....

  3. its still so hard to let them go, isn't it. give them wings

    excellent poetry

  4. I like the imagery used in this!

    get going

  5. beautiful... swings remind me of my first flight of freedom...