Temper Defy - A Limerick Page for Trigger Rage

You think you have the right-of-way
To dictate all we do and say.
But our free will
Is living still,
So we resist your power play.

Your temper flew and disappeared.
What happened next was rather weird.
How we grew strong,
As we belong,
To see your childishness premiered.

“Now who’s the grownup?” we inquire.
We're baffled by your silly ire.
Here on our feet,
We stand complete
And watch your rapid rage backfire.
c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson

(Written upon request of Mad Kane’s prompt on “temper.”)

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  1. That was fun and very satisfying. Thanks for participating in my temper prompt.

  2. excellent!! i really enjoy mad's prompts,,, and the style of the limerick gets to be more and more fun every week.....