My Misspeak

This is a LESSON on something that must LESSEN.

My Misspeak
(Limericks in Force for Speech Most Coarse)

It’s time for a self-made critique,
Right after a profane blue streak.
I hope no one heard
That decadent word,
When then without thought I did speak.

I should have just snapped shut my beak
And uttered not one single squeak.
I knew afterward,
My conscience was spurred,
For my censorship had sprung a leak.

Perhaps I will sound like a freak,
But language most foul seems to reek.
I’ve always preferred
To leave it unheard,
But now I my own tongue must tweak.
c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson

public domain artwork

(Written upon request of Two for Tuesdays “streak” prompt and Get Your Poem On's "jargon" prompt, #24.)


  1. well girl,, i cuss like a sailor and eat with this mouth too... but i know when to use it,, and do try every once in a awhile to act on that knowledge....

    you are quite fluent with the limericks.....

  2. I seldom cuss. However, I do like your limericks!


  3. oh wow linda, you are amazing with your use of words in general, thought process, grasp of english language and limerick's...just incredible overall!