(For Poetry Train’s “Manic Monday”)


These lines respond to a highly caffeinated, and oft-debated question. Can you figure it out?

The world unseen
Is much more real
Than what we mean.

We walk around
With every sound,
But do we hear

What goings-on
We tread upon,
But unaware,
We hurry on.

And far above,
Are currents of
What most we seek,
The highest love.

A star may fall
And seem to call
Both ear and eye,
But that's not all.

If we but once,
Would leave our hunts,
And simply wait,
We'd stop our stunts.

The answer waits;
But we must see
Beyond the gates.

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1 comment:

  1. This is nice, Linda. I think all poets and writers in general can feel these other worlds around us, all the time. That's why we write.