Sporty at Forty (Coming of Age with Limericks)

Sporty at Forty
(Coming of Age with Limericks)

I so adore my best friend Marge.
Whose big four-oh was looming large.
She called our gang,
And with a bang,
She met the day by taking charge.

My friend runs circles round her peers;
Her forty annums bring her cheers.
At bar and grill,
She’s carded still
For aging slower than her years.

To face the years courageously,
Perhaps a bit outrageously,
With forty winks
And great hi-jinks,
She’s aged most advantageously.
c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson 

(Written upon request of Writer’s Island’s “Outrageous” prompt.)

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  1. Happy Friend to your bestfriend Marge. What a wonderful poem this was for her.

  2. Happy Birthday to your friend Marge. She sounds like she's just getting started!!! What a fun read.

  3. Happy birthday to the gal
    she seems to be quite the pal
    even though she's at forty
    that's still three less
    than I've got. :)

  4. This poem has a great rollicking rhythm to support its fun attitude.

    Just loved it all!


  5. That's nice . May your friend grow older outrageuosly and disgracefully!

  6. I've never written one of these but I have lots of friends that have aged better than me. lol

    Nice job!

  7. i for one hate being forty (six) and haven't met a birthday head on since 30.......

    a very playful limerick tho......

  8. Wonderful little limericks! I enjoyed. :)

  9. If you think forty is sporty, and aging is graceful think again. Time is short my friend. Clever and nicely played.....


  10. Great flowing rhyme! I enjoyed it!

  11. very interesting take on outrageous.
    Wishing you a happy birthday

  12. Fun limerick and a nice tribute to a good friend! Enjoyed the read!

  13. My head tells me I'm twenty five, the mirror says more like fifty. I can't even meet them half way.