On the Road – Racing Ahead and Looking Back

(Written upon request of One Single Impression’s “glory” prompt, Sunday Scribblings’ “fearless” prompt, Weekend Wordsmith’s “take me back” prompt, Writer’s Island’s “flight" prompt, and a general prompt from Read-Write-Poem.)

On the Road –
Racing Ahead and Looking Back

I’m living, longing. Take me back.
My heart, it must rewind, backtrack.
In vaguest reveries, I find
Your tender care most underlined.

The greatest day I’ve ever known
Was when I claimed You as my own.
I vowed to serve You, then forgot.
Though You’ve been faithful, I have not.

The blacktop ribbon, hard and fast,
Draws me to danger, at full blast.
Its dotted markings lull my soul,
As I slip into cruise control.

What happened to the glory days?
They’ve disappeared in smoky haze.
Once fearless, clutching to Your hand,
I’d follow You to no-man’s land.

Since then, my heart has taken flight,
Caressing clouds in oversight.
The road below, the sky above,
They lured me from my own first love.

Although my hands have gripped the wheel,
I find it harder to conceal:
The obstacles within my lane
Are sent to make my pathway plain.

I’m living, longing. Take me back.
My heart, it must rewind, backtrack.
Remove the shade that blocks my view;
I only live to follow You.

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  1. Ah, to rewind the heart. This image is wonderful and has me thinking. What if it were possible?
    Writing in Faith: Poems

  2. I too like the thought. It has endless posssibilities..

    shapely ghosts

  3. that was such a beautiful love poem!

  4. Stirring work - poignant, yearning and more than a bit hopeful!

  5. Very nice. I enjoyed the content and the rhythm of your poem.

  6. Good luck!
    Nice poem.

  7. Wow! this reads so fast... I love the rewind image!

  8. Memories and hopes that you can almost sing.
    Excellent pace.

  9. Regrets regrets. Sometimes I think regrets are the greatest tragedy. Your poem reminds me of Bruce Springstein.