Flower Master - Haikus in Bloom

Flower Master –
Haikus in Bloom

Nurturing colors,
The Master fondly pruning,
Tends His budding shoots.

Soon, blossoms appear.
Vibrant beauty springs to life.
Step back, and admire.

Gentle hands caress,
Picking out the finest blooms
For a grand display.

The Artist shows off,
Admiring His handiwork,
As do all of us. 

That’s where life began,
In the Maker’s own garden,
And where life will end.
c2008 by Linda Ann Nickerson

(Written upon request of One Single Impressions’ “flowering” prompt.)

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  1. very nice... you know i never really thought about someone that grows flowers as a master... but i know i cant seem to make them full and lush... so maybe that is where the art comes in.....

    i just want to mention google has done something totally obtrusive to the verification images,, and the font they are using is unreadable,, i had to refresh like 9 times to get letters i could decipher... you may wan to turn that feature off till they fix it and set up comment moderation at least that way you will get more comments... some are not as persistent as i am.....10....11

  2. Gorgeous, friend. This makes me think of how important it is to cut back flowers that they might be all the more beautiful. Thanks.
    Writing in Faith: Poems

    (I note Paisley's comment above. I'm glad she said as much about the word verification. I thought I was going blind. I respect these precautions, but Google has definitely pushed the limit with these weird letters. All in a day's blogging...! God bless.)

  3. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog. I like what you have here and find myself captivated by the idea of haiku in bloom. -A perfect description.

  4. Very lovely poem. I'm so glad that Paisley and Sandy said something about the word verification. It's been driving me crazy. I'm guessing that some enterprising soul figured out a way to by-pass the more readable kind. It's really frustrating though. I'm glad you can have more than one chance.

  5. "Flower Master", is lovely.

    I like the photo. It goes very well with your poem.

    The word verification tested my optimistic patience all day yesterday. I too feel better knowing i am not going blind!

  6. Love this poem & photo. It is important to prune occasionaly, and not only plants. In fact, it reminds me that I must do some pruning in my closet.

    Yesterday I did think I was going all blurry-eyed. No one else seemed to notice it, so I thought it was just me! I took word verifcation & comment moderation off mine and adopted a wait and see attitude. In a month I've only had 2 spammers. Fingers crossed that my good fortune continues.

  7. Well done, for sure! And I agree with Paisley - this new feature is maddening and time consuming. Enjoyed your post a great deal!

  8. Everybody Misty Dawn tells you how to get rid of word verification go to

    Very creative poem and wonderful picture! :D

  9. Love this concept of a master. In fact, you have upgraded him to a maestro.

    Lovely write!


  10. Great read!

    I actually launched a haiku contest entitled,

    "Haiku in Bloom"

    Current prize is $80 for 1st Place

    Take care!

  11. Very masterful, I like the way the five different thoughts link together to make one piece.