Friendly Fire - A Haiku Revue

(Written upon request of Mad Kane’s prompt on “temper” and Read-Write-Poem’s “study in contrasts” prompt.)

Friendly Fire –
A Haiku Revue

Temper tossed away,
Clipping pins from live grenades,
Lobbing verbal bombs.

Hair-trigger anger,
Set off by a sudden noise,
Post-traumatic stress.

Who did this to you?
And who painted the target
On peacemaker’s back?

Call off the bombers.
The secret snipers are gone.
No reason to shoot.

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  1. Very nice job! Thanks for participating in my temper prompt.

  2. Thought your analogies were right on.!

  3. i don't know what it is about humans that allows us to be so explosive... i was once a very angry person.. but i have mellowed to nothingness with age.....

  4. Just the first line speaks volumes! I liked this very much.

  5. wow, filled w/motion and sounds ku...

  6. this is so nicely written; perfect 5-7-5 structure and the word choices are perfect as well!