Boundaries - at the Back Door

Standing By –
A Rhyming Card on a Six-Paneled Guard

The sentry steel keeps me awake.
His slamming sets the house to shake.
Across his portal children stride –
Embark on travels far and wide.

A teen slinks out and creeps in late,
Not knowing that I upstairs wait.
When curfews blown leave tempers singed,
I wonder if I’ll come unhinged.

Will rest elude this parent’s sight
Till all are sealed in for the night?
Until the future is unfurled,
Can’t we lock out the outside world?
c2009 by Linda Ann Nickerson
Posted for a variety of prompts:
AC (poem about something in your kitchen)
Easy Street Prompts (“nuclear family” or “driving lesson”)
Poetic Asides (April P.A.D. Challenge)
Read Write Poem (NaPoWriMo)
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