The Heartless Soul

The Heartless Sole

Little Cowgirl

By Mary Davis – Artme

Used by permission.

The Boot Salute –

A Quatrain Mix for More Than Kicks

Some swashbucklers suppose they’re smart.

They act as friends, then break your heart.

Let language be most absolute –

No subtleties: give them the boot.

A friend more genuine, you know,

Will listen closely, toe to toe.

No languid promises unkept,

Nor boundaries yet overstepped.

May truth arise, that we discern

Which bonds to keep and which to burn.

Will we reboot and still remain

With those who will our friendship feign?

Kick up your heels. Do not delay.

Souls insincere may slip away.

For such, we need not ballyhoo.

Just whisper as you leave them, “Shoo!”

Posted for a variety of prompts:

AC (A Clothing Quatrain)

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Poetic Asides (April P.A.D. Challenge: “interaction”)

Read Write Poem (NaPoWriMo - “if she were really your friend”)

Sunday Scribblings (“language”)

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  1. Hi Linda, I think I must have met my share of swashbucklers in my time - the amount of times my heart's been broken.

    Anyway check this: The American Sandwich

  2. What a fun poem for the foot fetishists!

  3. No drama - just move on
    "Just whisper as you leave them, “Shoo!”"
    Love it!

  4. LOL This is soo cute! I just love the rhythm and rhyme to it. It really was a FUN read!

  5. much wisdom threaded through a jaunty poem!

  6. Shoo is an appropriate last word.

  7. All those bucklers swashing all that swash! Great poem.

  8. thats my favourite word too - shoo! lovely poem!

  9. Superb post! I love its style and powerful impact. Keep it up,please continue to share..