Green Thumbs Are Itching

Green Thumbs Are Itching
(Can You Dig It?)
Spring Break Mistake

A charm-worthy changeling might find this one cool,
Had she not contracted a germ at the pool.
Although there the spa was a-briny and hot,
The messy hotel just might warrant a shot.
Thus launched a vacation, as well as a lunch.
I'd offer more details, but you have a hunch.
It might have been magical, memories made,
Except that the lodging its beauty betrayed.
Alas to poor Erin, I must cheer my chime.
It's clear the spring hues are supreme and sublime,
But set by her countenance, matching a fern,
It's clear her condition is cause for concern. 

At the risk of impugning a jubilant crew,
My musings hereto may soon set some askew.
Still, my singularity here may be seen,
Displayed in rhymed meter to underline green.
c2009 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Shooting Forth – A Sestina of Spring

Lift high the window on its spring,
Allowing freshness flying through.
Inhale the promise, as it falls,
Removing parcels of the past
And whisking away the winter white.
We’ll welcome warmer wonders here.

No mittens needed for us here;
We’ll shed our outer layers for spring.
Look up at azure, puffed with white.
Look down, and see shoots poking through.
The darkest days are passing, past,
We’ll welcome warmth till evening falls.

The year’s first flower blooms, then falls,
As garden glories emerge here.
Neighbors pause, as they walk past,
Simply to savor the sweet scents of spring.
The promise lingers, piercing through,
As buds emerge and open white.

Within a week, rainbows join flowers of white.
Lawns grow lush with sweet falls of rain.
The hard, cracked earth grows soft right through.
Come, we will plant new blossoms here.
Our every step now sports a new spring,
So we will venture out till the day is past.

Perhaps the warm sun’s rays echo the past,
As we don shorts, exposing legs stark white.
We crave some color from the sun of spring,
Whose ray upon our once hidden skin now falls.
May we rest and bask a bit right here,
As he embraces us in comfort, through and through.

Through many months, we counted days,
Hoping the chill would soon be past.
The season of promise awaits us here.
Grassy green replaces white,
As nature’s beauty on us falls.
Lift high the windows. Welcome spring.

May we here grow warm all through,
As sweet spring leaps quickly past,
Echoing each wispy white petal that falls.
c2009 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Christina’s World
By Andrew Wyeth

Posted for a variety of prompts:
AC Poetry Challenge (“sestina”)
Monday Mural (Art: Christina’s World, by Andrew Wyeth)
Poetic Asides (April P.A.D. Challenge: “hobby”)
Read Write Poem (NaPoWriMo – Use as many as you can: “acute,” “briny,” “green,” “hotel,” “room,” “pool,” “changeling,” “singularity,” “jubilant” and “impugn”)


  1. Funny n experimental!C my first poem on my blog....I'm from the poetry train.

  2. Your first poem elicited a laugh but it was the second which won my heart. It's beautiful. And, something I look forward to- all that green...

    Hope all is well. Have a nice day.

  3. Well done fitting them all in - I only managed eight