National Poetry Month Farewell

National Poetry Month Farewell

Whew! Today marks the final day of Poetry Month with daily poetry postings (at least once a day). Entries have included free verse, haikus, limericks, sestinas, sonnets and more.

Although I certainly plan to keep writing and publishing poetry, I think this presents an opportune moment to pause and reflect upon a most a-muse-ing month. It’s time to give the month of May the green light.

A Muse for a Month –
Free Lines Conversed for Two Fortnights’ Dispersed

Two fortnights of fanciful fun –

Musing and amusing,
Crumbling discarded drafts
Like the season’s last flakes
Of fragile frost,
Sending scraps adrift.

Pushing past parcels
Of projects and proposals,
Dismissing deadlines,
While tenderly touching
The poem in my pocket.

Farewell, fair April.

Your poetic marathon
Has touched the tape.

May flowers beckon,
Their petals peeking
Beneath the unfurling firmament above.

Does weather mean more
To a poet
Or a gardener?

Posted for a variety of prompts:
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  1. So managed the one a day? Wow. I'm going to have to get the courage up soon and count how many poems I wrote for April.
    It's not my National Month for it, but I made it my Personal Month for Poetry. A few days I didn't get a poem written, but other days I did 4 or 5. I'll do the count later today, maybe. Or tomorrow.

  2. Wonderful farewell to April and NaPoWriMo! I will definitely continue to stop by for more of your beautiful poetry!