A Generation’s Graduation

A Generation’s Graduation

As students (including my own) count the days until the end of school and the much-anticipated graduation day, these short poems seem particularly appropriate:

Upgrades and Accolades –
A Graduation Celebration

The key to thankfulness, we’ve found,
Is celebrating those around.
We watch you grab your key and wings
And graduate to higher things.
You’ll roll your cuffs to earn your keep
And scale the heights, past challenge steep.
Still, as you climb, your anchor yet,
We pray you’ll not your folks forget.

Diplomas with Diplomacy –
A Haiku Play for Commencement Day

Waiting for your name,
Leaping to my feet to roar,
Your top fan again.

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  1. great writing! Graduation is really such a special time. thanks for sharing.

    yay for NaPoWriMo!

  2. that was really nice. i remember how i looked forward to graduating and moving on to bigger and better things. too bad i held myself back from those bigger & better things :-/

  3. Linda...
    Thank You so much for sharing this happy day in such a creative manner.
    Excellent 55.
    I always love your contributions, you are such a class act....G
    Have a Great Week-End.

  4. It's amazing how much seems possible as you graduate.

    Great 55!