It’s Not Funny . . . Or Is It?

It’s Not Funny . . . Or Is It?
Now All at Once As I Sat There Before My Desk
by Ernest Fuhr
Undiminished or Unwritten –
A Token Unspoken of Love That’s Gone Broken

Perhaps the most telling of all we may phrase,
Expressions remarkable, sure to amaze,
May never appear in our printed displays.
Behold yet the heart of a man that betrays.

The worst double agents we ever might know
Routinely play ploys fairly stunning, and so
We flirt with the fates, fanning old flames aglow.
How can we not recognize this tale of woe?

We kiss youth farewell to bring bright days along,
But somehow the blues beckon us back, headstrong.
An unwritten letter rekindles love song,
Revisiting romances rightly long gone.

The misguided missive diminishes trust,
Along with a passion that once could combust.
We stare at the page – empty, blank, undiscussed –
Relieved we penned not what we once thought we must.

Posted for a variety of prompts:
3-Word Wednesday (“flirt,” “ploy” and “stunning”)
Easy Street Prompts (“double agents”)
Meme Express (“youth”)
Poefusion (include a zeugma)
Poetic Asides (April P.A.D. Challenge: “routine”)
Pumping Your Muse (“It’s Not Funny”)
Read Write Poem (NaPoWriMo – “old flames”)
Simply Snickers (“blue,” “bright” and “bring”)
Totally Optional Prompts (“meditation on a letter”)
Tuesday Title (“Diminished”)

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  1. I like how the words bounced off one another, who when you read this, it's like sing-song.

  2. I like this a lot - it's a lesson in truth and reality but couched in the most clever of words. Nice work...

  3. enjoyed reading this :)

  4. Hello Linda~ You continue to amaze me with how many prompts you can pen into a single poem and this one is no exception. Well done. Have a nice day.

  5. A sentimental look back that's half wistful, half tongue-in-cheek. Impossible to know what might really have unfolded, if we'd written different words, or taken a different path.

  6. Clever stuff, as ever, your meditation on a letter was 'love letter' rather than letter of the alphabet I presume - nice take on the prompt and the prompt and the prompt and the pr....

  7. lovely poetry! "somehow the blues beckon us back, headstrong".. aah, this was so good!

    you spun all those umpteen prompts into one all at once?! impressive!

  8. loved that... how very, very true!!!... i have often sat and stared at a blank page while thoughts running wild...

  9. Thought provoking! Love poems that leave me pondering.


  10. Wonderful poem of love! It was awesome. It was incredibly composed with a perfect rhyme in every last word.

  11. Nice post. I have fun reading between the lines. Kudos guys for an awesome job!