Horse sense and present tense

 Where do you go when the world batters you with depraved, disgraceful, notorious, reprehensible, and shameful nonsense? Sometimes an old friend is the answer.

Horse sense and present tense
(A villanelle on love to tell)

Wind back the clock, and bring anew
Delights we shared so far afield,
The days we both felt grand, brand-new.

You pranced and danced beneath the blue.
We shared the best of days revealed
And flew past trees that waved “Woo-hoo!”

My confidante and soldier, you
Kept secrets, sorrows unrepealed,
With wonders hidden, just we two.

Your coat now faded, mane askew,
You turn aside, the wind to shield.
I wonder when you’ll join the queue.

I weep to ponder how we grew
When to the ribbons we appealed.
How can we ever bid adieu?

Our visits, short and overdue,
Are packed with tenderness to yield.
Wind back the clock, and bring anew
The days we both felt grand, brand-new.
c2016 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Sir Guinness, off-the-track Thoroughbred extraordinaire

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