Got a grip

 Hanging on takes a lot more than just hanging out.

Got a grip
(A limericked ode with honor bestowed)

The hanger-on, he merits praise.
He perseveres. His dues he pays.
No Easy Street
Will bear his feet,
For in advance he’ll cost appraise.

Like strongest forest sapling sure,
Seedling to tree, he stands secure.
No fear of dark
Will raise his bark,
In woods most mossy or obscure.

He won’t succumb to jolt or jab.
He’d rather walk than call a cab.
Such efforts earn
Beyond the burn,
For he would rather gain than grab.

And be it a ladder, mount, or tree,
This one can climb it handily.
In weather fair
Or foulest air,
He tangles not with sigh or swear.

Know this: His trust bears sturdy roots
In solid standards, absolutes.
And glory be,
No braggart, he
His self-same horn he never toots.

The tracings of his tresses fall,
To point a pathway for us all.
Though silent still,
He holds on till
The lesser ones find wherewithal.
c2016 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Note: I enjoy both electronic books and printed book. For poetry, I really prefer the paper volumes, primarily because I tend to revisit verses again and again. For other purposes (and especially for brief works), eBooks can be quite handy. In fact, my Amazon author page includes several such editions.

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