Funk mail

Remember when receiving mail was fun?

Funk mail 

What does it mean to really live?
Unhearing voices may misgive
The sleight of hand that rips the mail,
Thus opening a paper trail.
Unfolded feelings bring discoveries to screen.
 Is it a wonder we must know, “What does it mean?”

Whodunit now? We cast about.
We point our fingers, dealing doubt.
The buck is passed, the bill unpaid.
The game of blame is poorly played.
Suspicions grow, all alibis to disavow.
And to a man we have to ask: Whodunit now?
c2016 by Linda Ann Nickerson

This poem was posted in response to these prompts:

31 Days of Poetry and Writing: What does it mean to really live? (10)
31 Writing Prompts: Write about a magic show or a magic trick. (11)
Five-Minute Friday: “mail”
Meme Express: “hearing voices”
OctPoWriMo: “unfolded” – with “opening,” “event,” “feelings,” “paper,” and “discoveries” – WRAPPED REFRAIN POEM (10)
Six Word Saturday: See subtitle.

Adapted from public domain image –
NY mailman, 1896, public domain
31 Days logo – created by this user,
including public domain artwork.

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