Can the plan

Sometimes things don’t come out exactly as we may have intended them to.

Can the plan
A tetractys on fact to miss

May be wasted.
Purity of planning brings truth to light.
Can a hero make a clean getaway,
If his efforts
Leave white space
Where hope
c2016 by Linda Ann Nickerson

This poem was posted in response to these prompts:

Write 31 Days Challenge: What book or book series do you wish would continue when you were done reading it? (20)
31 Days of Poetry and Writing: Write about what you do when Hope flies away.  (20)
OctPoWriMo: “white” – with “purity,” “hero,” “clean,” “light,” and “energy” – TETRACTYS POEM (20)

NOTE: This house isn’t exactly the archetype for any of Laura Ingalls Wilders’ LITTLE HOUSE homes. However, to answer the Write 31 Days Challenge prompt question, I’d have to say that was one series for which the last page made me sad to be finished. Of course, that was many … many … many years ago.

Still from: One Week
Directed by Buster Keaton and Eddie Cline
Vintage photo /
Public domain
31 Days logo – created by this user,
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