Down to the wire

Sometimes it’s all about the connection.

Down to the wire

Dear cable company, it’s true.
My dog digs deeper than you do.
My internet
Is weak. You bet.
Your sparkling service missed its cue.

My writing isn’t worth a whit,
If no one can connect to it.
The web may spin.
I can’t get in.
I think I’m gonna pitch a fit.

Your dazzling ads do glitter, shine.
Executives may wine and dine.
No sequined cards
Raise my regards.
This time you’ve surely crossed the line.

Most notable, your set of songs,
Torments the caller, adds to wrongs.
Each perky play
With oddball sway
More to a dental chair belongs.

Perhaps I could let bygones be,
If by some breakthrough you’d agree
To skip the script
And say you’ve zipped
A human helper expert. Whee!

Alas, you now have raised your rate,
But leave me here in dire strait.
I can’t connect,
Yet you collect.
What signal does that generate?
c2016 by Linda Ann Nickerson

This poem was posted in response to these prompts:

Daily Post: “breakthrough”
OctPoWriMo: “sparkling” – plus “glitter, “shiny,” “sequin,” or “dazzling” – ODE poem
Three Word Wednesday: “notable,” “oddball,” and “perky”
Write 31 Days Challenge: “writing”

Note: OctPoWriMo called for an ode, which is something of a tribute (or perhaps an anti-tribute). I took that tip in a slightly different direction, using the limerick format.


Adapted from public domain image
31 Days logo – created by this user,
including public domain artwork.

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  1. very clever poem :)

  2. Ah, you replied to many prompts, very creative. Good read.

  3. Interesting poem.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, I appreciate it.