Wheeling and reeling

Moving on with no backpedaling.

Wheeling and reeling

Oh, uphill climb! I’m in a bind.
My energies are ill-defined.
Still, on I roll
To face the goal,
Though with each spin my gears go grind.

No melodrama do I bleat,
As kindly company I meet.
Lighthearted, they
May greet the day,
As I taste time’s dust in the street.

With awkward effort in the sun,
Collecting muster, on we run.
Might you by chance
Have ant-filled pants?
Or do you go all-out for fun?

Opponents dear, I mean no harm.
Ride on, if I should sound alarm.
The clock ticks tock,
My frame does rock,
I fear that I might buy the farm.
c2016 by Linda Ann Nickerson

This poem was posted in response to these prompts:

Mad Kane Humor: “grind”  (limerick)
Meme Express: “sound the alarm”
OctPoWriMo: “time”
Sepia Saturday: vintage photo
Simply Snickers: “talk” (or “tock”), “taste,” and “time”
Three Word Wednesday: “kindly,” “lighthearted,” and “melodramatic”
Six Word Saturday: “Describe your life in six words.” (See the subtitle.)
Theme Thursday: “ants”
Five Minute Friday: “collect”
Thursday Challenge: “sun”
Write 31 Days: 31 posts

Graphic created by this user, adapting public domain art.
Vintage/public domain image
(Lady cyclists riding downhill,
by Rederick Miller Rammell, 1898.
Offered by Sepia Saturday.)
SOCS promo logo – fair use

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  1. Well that was rather fun! :) Reminded me of some of my daughter's comments about her cycling adventure between San Francisco and Los Angles several years ago.

  2. I feel that exhaustion. I can identify with letting others pass yet still wanting to finish the race. Thanks for joining Sepia Saturday this week.

  3. I love this! And you met another prompt that you might not even be aware of - the prompt for OctPoWriMo Day 1 was also "time!"

    I like combining prompts, but this one - it's an IronWoman of prompts, deftly handled! Brava! So glad you posted it, so I could find it! =D

  4. You really hit all the marks with this one! Very well done.

  5. Some great images there! It wouldn't be much fun if you bought the farm though.

  6. Wow! No mean feat, combining all those prompts into one coherent piece! Well done!

  7. Talk about multitasking! You get the blue ribbon!