Pondering Placidity and Kick or Treat

Two poems in forms to face different storms.

Pondering placidity

Perhaps placidity is a far cry from passivity. Maybe it’s just a pause for a petite parcel of peace.

Pondering placidity

If peace is a river, then why are we tossed?
Like leaves in the current, we’re whirled, double-crossed.
I crave to be colorless, vapid, and bland –
If just for a moment. You must understand.
Undoubtedly, soon I would rise up and stretch.
I’d bring back my bouncy. My fervor I’d fetch.

We crowd, elbows jammed, as our times flow too fast.
Our joys are forgotten, our troubles broadcast.
Each shore that’s adjourning the spot where I stand
May be solid ground, but it’s not close at hand.
I wonder, how long till we come to a rest?
Perhaps it is time to put faith to the test.
c2016 by Linda Ann Nickerson

This poem was posted in response to these prompts:

31 Days of Poetry and Writing: If He were to take your lips and fill them with His messages, what would they say? (23)
ABC Wednesday: “P” Day
Meme Express: “on solid ground”
OctPoWriMo: “undoubtedly” (23)
Simply Snickers: “spot,” “stand,” and “stretch”
Three Word Wednesday: “vapid,” “adjoining,” and “bouncy”
Write 31 Days Challenge: What is your favorite way to spend a lazy day? (23)


Kick or treat – A tanka for the prank-a

Halloween still looms.

Decorations placed with care.

Mischief makers strike.

Down come the festive flounces.

Can we eat the candy now?

c2016 by Linda Ann Nickerson

This poem was posted in response to these prompts:

Weekly Tanka Challenge: “decorations” and “pumpkins”

Still from Speedy – Directed  by Ted Wilde - 1928
Halloween artwork – public domain
31 Days logo – created by this user,
including public domain artwork.

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  1. You turn a clever phrase, you do. Quite do. I enjoyed them both. :-)

  2. I like them both... different but beautiful

    Have a wonderful ABC-day / - week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  3. Both are delightful and great for P ~ thanks!

    Wishing you a Good week ~ ^_^

  4. Pondering Placidlity reads beautifully Linda.

  5. Pondering placidity - great treatment!

  6. Won't be long for the mischief makers to come knocking now.

  7. it is an exhausting time - maybe you're right

  8. Cleverly written. Curiously, some parallels with mine. (No, I didn't peek!)