Imitation Is Infuriating

Can’t stand it when she tells my jokes
To grab the spotlight, wow more folks.
She’ll parrot lines
To show she shines
And earn their favor. Holy smokes.

Come up with your own tales, I muse.
Don’t steal my stuff, so you can schmooze.
You may be loud,
But are you proud
To pirate humor to amuse?
c2018 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Theme art – adapted from public domain image
Still from Gone with the Wind, 1939

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  1. Saw the link on the Facebook A to Z, and had to stop by for a read. Love it... do you get inspired by the photo, or do you first write the poem and then find the photo to match? Really well done!

    Alana (also posting A to Z, over at ... best of luck with the challenge!!!)

    1. For this April A-Z series, I am starting with the photos, but I am taking them in altogether different directions than they were first intended (as vintage movie stills). I am dragging the far afield from their original contexts, just for fun,

  2. :) why do i keep forgetting to visit you (though i have bookmarked your blog a few times already)?? well, not sure of the answer to that question but i am glad i am here today... totally amused....