Yesterday’s Yummies

When lured into lunch in a crunch,
It’s better to follow your hunch.
Don’t give in and toss out a punch,
Or one might get her shorts in a bunch.

I met a friend, long overdue,
To share a bite or three or two.
The conversation took a turn.
(You’d be surprised what one can learn.)

The fishing started with hors d'oeuvres
And quickly grated on my nerves.
She trawled, but I refused the bait.
I pushed the food ‘round on my plate.

Undaunted and without regret,
Back trolling, she did dump her net.
She popped and bobbed, as if for sport.
This chum of old, I failed to thwart.

The waitress brought the check at last.
I lured my angling friend out fast.
The lunch was tasty. We went Dutch.
The conversation? Not so much.
c2018 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Theme art – adapted from public domain image
Still from The Women, 1939

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