Vainglorious Visions

A gal I know (Let’s call her Vic.)
Delights in every camera click.
Although a diva she is not,
She cranes her neck for every shot.

This prima donna wannabee,
With shrieks that sting like droning bee,
Still longs to linger in the light,
As if by royalty’s birthright.

This one of whom I write won’t sing,
Though she could make the rafters ring.
Instead, she merely caws and crows,
With others’ secrets to disclose.

But hold the phone. She’s on the mark.
We know her bite’s worth than her bark.
Perhaps performance is her scene,
Because she is a drama queen.

c2018 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Theme art – adapted from public domain image
Still from Sunset Boulevard, 1950

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