Never Nor

Such argument, beyond two cent,
May never lead to true assent.

He stands upon the printed word.
What headline begs to be ignored?
May disagree,
But he holds views yet unexplored.

 He reads with feral appetite,
But only those who join his fight –
No time to hear;
Don’t bend his ear,
If you are known as erudite.

Facts don’t deter him from his cause;
No research saves him from faux pas.
One channel grips
Him with its scripts.
There is no room for common clause.

Let’s swap the subject; don’t you think,
Before we’ve all gone past the brink?
Give us a break,
For Heaven’s sake.
Perhaps I need another drink.
c2018 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Theme art – adapted from public domain image
Still from Citizen Kane, 1941

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