Point Blank

To play strategic on the job,
Be careful whom you might hobnob.

A manager who works with me
Is bothered by not one, but three.
These cads will not give up the chase;
They constantly invade her space.

“Step back,” she said, fair to exclaim.
The point is clear. It’s not a game.
Your outcome’s sure to disappoint;
Don’t get your noses out of joint.

Look to yourselves, you garish guys.
Behind her head she might have eyes,
But never for the likes of you,
Because you do too hard pursue.

They disremember she’s the boss,
Which leaves the rest of us at loss.
But soon they’ll be up for review,
And they can bid a raise adieu.
c2018 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Theme art – adapted from public domain image
Still from Frankenstein, 1931

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