May-Glow Maniac

One need not be in politics
To practice down-and-dirty tricks.

A cranium may grow obscene
When one fixed on himself is keen.
Look how he swells;
The tales he tells,
While seeking others to demean.

To gain all glory he’ll embark.
He operates without benchmark.
No conduct clue,
He’s much ado –
We think he might glow in the dark.

No pound of flesh will satisfy,
Nor does he still his battle cry.
By him’s outdone.
To this one rules do not apply.

His self-strong shell is compromised,
Though he to date is unchastised.
Enough! Enough!
Let’s call his bluff.
A blowhard’s trust is ill-advised.
c2018 by Linda Ann Nickerson

Theme art – adapted from public domain image
Still from North by Northwest, 1959

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